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Benefits of a Natural Stone Pathway

Benefits of a Natural Stone Pathway

At Custom Stone Resurfacing, we know the advantages of a natural pebble stone walkway. That is why we only specialize in installing this pathway. But with so many options available to you, how can you know if a pebble stone walkway is right for your needs? That is why we want to share with you a few of the reasons that a natural pebble stone walkway is superior to other options on the market today.

Easy to Maintain

As opposed to concrete or other common materials, our pebble stone system is remarkably easy to maintain. Since epoxy is the binding factor and finish, it is not porous. Therefore, it does not stain like concrete will. When it comes time to clean, you can simply sweep and rinse with water. And if bits of damage ever occur, it is incredibly easy to repair patches without having to have the walkway completely redone.

Slip Resistant

Not only is a natural stone pathway comfortable to walk on even when barefoot, it is very safe. When rain, snow, or ice arrive, this flooring provides superior traction so that slips, and accidents are less likely.

Allows for Creativity

Unlike concrete, our epoxy pebble stone system can be installed in a myriad of patterns and styles. If you have a particular design idea in mind, let us know! We can make any idea you have come to life. From swirls, to stripes, to sports logos even. It can all be done with pebble stone.

Long Term Durability

A final benefit to this type of walkway is the fact that it will last for years and years and virtually look the same as the day it was installed. It is resistant to the typical kind of wear and tear that alternative styles of pathways are more susceptible to. This means that you get far more mileage out of your investment. And as we touched on, when repairs are needed, they are far easier and cheaper to perform than concrete.

If we have piqued your interest, why not give us a call? We would love to answer any questions you may have.

By Custom Stone Resurfacing | 10-30-2020