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An Affordable Driveway Option

An Affordable Driveway Option

If your concrete driveway is worn and crumbling, it is time for a replacement. When you drive your car on damaged surfaces, it can result in bumpy rides for you and your passengers. An affordable option is a pebblestone driveway. It is beautiful, long-lasting, and enhances the exterior of your home in so many ways.

Pebblestone Driveways Offer a Smoother Ride

Pebblestone driveways give drivers and their passengers a smoother ride compared to concrete. At first, concrete may seem level, but over time, it will crack and chip. This affects its performance and longevity.

Easier Installation

A pebblestone driveway installation is simple, yet long-lasting. Once the epoxy pebblestone system is in place, the job is complete.

Concrete must go through several additional steps. It must be mixed properly. If not, it will not last. Boards and rebar are used prior to pouring to stabilize the mixture until it sets.

Pebblestone Driveways Stand up to Harsh Weather Environments

Pebblestone driveways can handle harsh weather without becoming damaged. Furthermore, because they provide traction, it is safer to drive on pebblestone surfaces in rainy, icy, or snowy weather.

Pebblestone driveways have a built-in water drainage system too. When it rains, the water automatically flows off the surface. There is no need to worry about flooding, puddles, or potholes forming.

Winter weather takes a concrete driveway through many changes. Snow and ice eventually thaw and turn into water. It then flows into the concrete's gaps. Cracks form when the water turns into solid ice within the gaps.​

More Creative Color Choices and Designs

Pebblestones are easier to find naturally in a variety of colors. Homeowners have more options to design driveway surfaces based on their unique vision.

Concrete driveways are available in a variety of colors; however, the cement can fade and emit dust on the surface. A slightly higher material cost may also be associated with selecting an uncommon color. In addition, concrete driveways often show discoloration, which negatively affects the curb appeal of a property.

Experience Custom Stone Driveway Resurfacing Your Way

Custom Stone Resurfacing installs top-quality residential and commercial custom pebblestone driveways and walkways. We believe that once you try our epoxy pebblestone system, you will be surprised by its beauty and convinced of its durability.

With more than one million square feet of epoxy pebblestone system installations, we're professional and experienced. For a free estimate, call CSR at 303.548.4043 or fill out our quick form online today!

By Custom Stone Resurfacing | 2-22-2021