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Epoxy Pebble Stone and the Environment

Epoxy Pebble Stone and the Environment

Epoxy Pebble Stone is a mix of polymer resin along with smooth and rounded river stone that forms a uniform and attractive new surface that is ideal for walkways, driveways, patios, basements, and garages. The stone has a multitude of advantages compared to a traditional tear-out and replacement of concrete. Included is minimum waste and keeping the carbon footprint as low as possible by recycling and repurposing many by-products of the process that is used.

The Environmental Impact

The resin-bound stone conforms to the Environment Agencies SUDs regulations for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). The legal requirement is that hard surfacing in areas that are more than five square meters must be permeable. That is a sustainable way of managing the surface water because it mimics water filtration systems and natural drainage by slowing down how water runs off. Therefore, it has no negative impact on the surroundings. Resin-bound stone can ‘upcycle’ cracked and tired concrete and extend the life span for more than approximately 20 years.

Feature Advantages

Resin-bound stone is an excellent and fuss-free choice for you as a conscientious property owner. The system's advantageous features include that it contributes to the prevention of floods and weeds, the reduction of water pollution and puddles, and that the main portions of the materials are naturally sourced. Additionally, the system's durability does not require regular replacement so that the environmental impact is minimal.

For More Information and Benefits

Custom Stone Resurfacing (CSR) would be happy to give you more details and explain the additional benefits of their concrete resurfacing system and how it can meet your specific needs or any residential or commercial problems. They have installed more than one million square feet of the top-quality, durable, and decorative Epoxy Pebble Stone.

By Custom Stone Resurfacing | 1-21-2021