Care and Maintenance. (CSR) has installed over one million square feet of top-quality epoxy pebblestone systems.  This decorative and durable system is ideal for both residential and commercial concrete resurfacing.  Founded with a strong commitment to quality, CSR provides the perfect solution to your concrete problems. Residential or Commercial applications available!
Care and Maintenance
Follow these simple guidelines to keep your CSR system looking like new:
Resealing of theCSR system is recommended every 2-5 years, depending upon traffic and exposure to sunlight.
Pressure washing is recommended when necessary.
For snow removal, we recommend a plastic snow shovel or snow blower.
For ice removal, use regular rock salt.

CSR uses only, hard river rock, shaped the way mother nature attended. When natural stone is combined with Custom Stone's epoxy BOND it gives off a shiny diamon-like finish bring out the natural beauty and color!

STONECARPET is a unique, commercial decorative interior flooring system, which offers a beautiful yet practical solution for a wide variety of facilities.  With unmatched design and color flexibility, Stonecarpet can accomodate the most complex logos and graphics, producing striking results.  See our Design Samples!

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